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Record of DOT Accredited Tour Guides in El Nido, Palawan with Contact Numbers

Record of DOT Accredited Tour Guides in El Nido, Palawan with Contact Numbers

El Nido, a picturesque city in Palawan, is a well-liked vacation spot for vacationers looking for journey, leisure, and an unforgettable expertise within the coronary heart of the Philippines. With its crystal-clear waters, pristine seashores, and dramatic limestone cliffs, El Nido provides a variety of actions for guests to get pleasure from. To benefit from your journey, it’s important to rent a licensed tour information who can present skilled data, guarantee your security, and assist you navigate the native customs and rules.

On this article, we’ll present a listing of Division of Tourism (DOT) accredited tour guides in El Nido, full with their contact numbers and electronic mail addresses. By selecting a licensed tour information, you will be assured that you’re in succesful palms as you discover the breathtaking fantastic thing about El Nido, Palawan.

Why Rent a Licensed Tour Information:

  1. Knowledgeable Data: Licensed tour guides bear in depth coaching and move rigorous examinations to turn into accredited by the DOT. They possess in-depth data of the native tradition, historical past, and setting, enabling them to offer a richer and extra immersive expertise.
  2. Security: Licensed tour guides are skilled to prioritize the security and well-being of their shoppers. They’re aware of the native terrain, climate situations, and security rules, making certain that you’ve a safe and pleasing journey.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: Accredited tour guides are dedicated to preserving the pure fantastic thing about El Nido by adhering to sustainable tourism practices. They’re educated about environmental conservation efforts and may educate guests on find out how to reduce their influence on the native ecosystem.
  4. Assist Native Communities: Hiring a licensed tour information helps assist the native financial system and contributes to the sustainable growth of the tourism business in El Nido.

Record of DOT Accredited Tour Guides in El Nido:

  1. Al Keven C. Reyes
    Contact Quantity: 0936-550-9710
    E mail Handle: reyesalkeven@gmail.com
  2. Allan D. Manga
    Contact Quantity: 0965-249-5872
    E mail Handle: mangaallan249@gmail.com
  3. Alvin C. Batiancila
    Contact Quantity: 0919-356-8321
    E mail Handle: abantiancila41@gmail.com
  4. Angelo H. Gustilo
    Contact Quantity: 0946-527-9724
    E mail Handle: gelogustilo@gmail.com
  5. Bengie B. Labriaga
    Contact Quantity: 0967-508-2813
    E mail Handle: labriagabengie@gmail.com
  6. Cielo L. Dela Cruz
    Contact Quantity: 0916-684-1911
    E mail Handle: parrenasc28@gmail.com
  7. Edrian A. Ruiz
    Contact Quantity: 0970-935-3698
    E mail Handle: Edrian.ruiz12@gmail.com
  8. Eduardo Cabentoy
    Contact Quantity: 0975-487-4520
    E mail Handle: eduardocabentoy1966@gmail.com
  9. Elerie P. Razo
    Contact Quantity: 0939-045-6822
    E mail Handle: wafuhampugeh@gmail.com
  10. Emerick R. Martos
    Contact Quantity: 0912-661-5857
    E mail Handle: emerickmartos05@gmail.com
  11. Eric H. Gustilo
    Contact Quantity: 0907-207-0781
    E mail Handle: gustiloeric0@gmail.com
  12. Janel L. Cesar
    Contact Quantity: 0912-147-0628
    E mail Handle: cesarjanel43@gmail.com
  13. Jasmin Q. Sayang
    Contact Quantity: 0916-577-8818
    E mail Handle: jasminsayang99@gmail.com
  14. Jeorge M. Mendoza
    Contact Quantity: 0951-295-2353
    E mail Handle: jeorgem17@gmail.com
  15. Joar Ray Lagan
    Contact Quantity: 0930-095-4979
    E mail Handle: laganjoarjay@gmail.com
  16. John Marcial T. Lomugdang
    Contact Quantity: 0970-217-5087
    E mail Handle: johnmarciallomugdang@gmail.com
  17. John Paul A. Manal
    Contact Quantity: 0931-963-5887
    E mail Handle: manalj202@gmail.com
  18. Karla O. Ambrocio
    Contact Quantity: 0912-895-0070
    E mail Handle: karlaocupeambrocio@26gmail.com
  19. Leomar Edma
    Contact Quantity: 0938-783-8856
    E mail Handle: leomaredma78@gmail.com
  20. Mamar V. Badillo
    Contact Quantity: 0912-062-5380
    E mail Handle: omarb.picc@gmail.com
  21. Manuel D. Buncag Jr.
    Contact Quantity: 0981-273-4833
    E mail Handle: buncagmanuel08@gmail.com
  22. Mark Anthony Padernilla
    Contact Quantity: 0930-443-8860
    E mail Handle: padernillamarkanthony@gmail.com
  23. Marvin M. Soñer
    Contact Quantity: 0938-785-0664
    E mail Handle: sonermarvin056@gmail.com
  24. Nasrodin V. Frofunga
    Contact Quantity: 0948-108-8710
    E mail Handle: nashroadd@gmail.com
  25. Nomer Alvin C. Magura
    Contact Quantity: 0966-839-5383
    E mail Handle: nomermagura@gmail.com
  26. Renante Cestona
    Contact Quantity: 0935-368-0455
    E mail Handle: renanteperroco@gmail.com
  27. Rene M. Adao
    Contact Quantity: 0999-931-7543
    E mail Handle: reneadao27@gmail.com
  28. Rod Jacob G. De Belen
    Contact Quantity: 0906-034-0424
    E mail Handle: rdjcb29@gmail.com
  29. Romuel C. Ramirez
    Contact Quantity: 0938-049-3835
    E mail Handle: romuelramirez28@gmail.com
  30. Rynie H. Gerona
    Contact Quantity: 0909-593-9483
    E mail Handle: ryniegerona6@gmail.com
  31. Sabio C. Tulle
    Contact Quantity: 0905-973-8739
    E mail Handle: juntulle@gmail.com
  32. Sonny Ignacio
    Contact Quantity: 0912-345-2509
    E mail Handle: isonny432@gmail.com
  33. Victor A. Ambrocio
    Contact Quantity: 0950-888-4629
    E mail Handle: victorambrocio@03gmail.com